Aquahit helps in rehabilitation and pregnancy

An expert with aware participation of patient leads rehabilitation.

AQUAHIT complements the rehabilitation process of procedures that utilize the unconscious perception of stimulation that comes from proprioception (research neurologists FN MU St. Anne's University Hospital Brno - almost 80% of stimulation are handled outside of our consciousness).

Due to this fact the rehabilitation process speeds up.

Impact of moving load speeds up the recovery of movement habits and eliminates the subconscious blocks that prevent them from automation.

AQUAHIT not only significantly reduces the final phase of rehabilitation, but often is the only way for a complete normalization of movement.

Operation of right knee and ankle - exercises with AQUAHIT

Aqauhit helps in rehabilitation

Exercise during pregnancy and after childbirth

The possibility of using AQUAHIT in any positioneasily adjustable weight range (from several dkg to 24 kg) and mainly physical properties of this media - water , helps in muscle activation in women during pregnancy and after childbirth.

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