Aquahit replaces training tools

Are you sure that you purchase training tools effectively?

You can be sure about that with AQUAHIT!

Buying AQUAHIT always pays off

Aquahit replaces:

TOTAL: 20.364,- Kč Aquahit replaces balance tools

Price: 1.390,- Kč

Aquahit replaces BOSU

Price: 4.250 – 4.600,- Kč

Aquahit replaces REEBOK yoga tools

Price: 1.190,- Kč

Aquahit replaces dumbells

Price: 2.990,- Kč

Aquahit replaces tools filled with sand

Price: 10.544,- Kč

What more does AQUAHIT offer you:

AQUAHIT : 2.178,00- Kč
Aquahit offers you more

Fitness in a bag

Easy transport (24 x 30 x 3 cm) always with you

Easy change of load

Development of motor skills - fitness, mobility, dexterity

Body shaping

Weight reduction

Core training

Helps with back pain

Possibility to exercise for people with disabilities

Effective use of time spent exercising

Workout for children

Workout for seniors

Rehabilitation – The Centre for physical motion medicine
dericted by Pavel Kolar uses AQUAHIT

Universal use – perfect for warming up,
strengthening, aerobic training, stretching.

Functional training - within the framework of movement stereotypes

Movement of load in a confined space = development of coordination
and balance

Eliminating health risks

The most effective workout, economic exercise , compact home gym...

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Why is Aquahit unique?