Inventor of Aquahit - Jan Pospisil

Inventor of Aquahit Jan Pospisil Pictured Jan Pospisil (inventor of Aquahit) with Andreas Thorkildsen (Olympic Champion, World and European Champion in javelin).

Why is the website called AQUAHIT JP?

AQUAHIT - is the name of a universal, multi-functional training and rehabilitation equipment that uses the action of moving load

JP - is the monogram of Aquahit inventor and prominent coach Jan Pospisil

AQUAHIT is an illustrative example of the knowledge transfer from elite athletics into other sports, fitness and rehabilitation.

Since 2003,I tested its possibilities and gained experience from reputable coaches and physical therapists from around the world.

I intensely devoted three six-month stay in the USA exclusively to fitness. They have turned to a great experience in this field that I haven’t had.

Even though AQUAHIT extended worldwide, in almost all sports and physical activities, most users can not use its potential fully.

That was the reason why I focused on educational activities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The website has had informational and educational purpose.

We would like to provide the information on this website as well as to get to a higher level in communicating with Aquahit’s users.

Exercise with Aquahit Jonathan Edwards


(Olympijský vítěz / Mistr světa a světový rekordman v trojskoku)

Pospa is very good at looking at patterns of movement,' he explains. 'His philosophy is based around the co-ordination of strength, speed and technique rather than simply looking at them in isolation.


Pospa velmi dobře analyzuje pohyb. Jeho filosofie je založena na koordinaci síly, rychlosti a techniky spíš než na jejich izolovaném sledování.

Steve Backley exercise with Aquahit Steve Backley recommends Aquahit


(European Champion / World record holder / OBE)

THE GUARDIAN (16.04.2003) - "...but his enthusiasm has been kept alive by working more closely with former coach of Jan Zelezny...
...I have never met a guy with such enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge..."

THE TIMES (15.05.2003) - "...Backley´s fascination with the physical and mental preparation for training was fired by contact with Jan Pospisil..."

Press - Steve Backley Aquahit Press - Steve Backley about Aquahit

SANTIAGO SANZ QUINTO exercise with Aquahit


(Atleta Profesional / Athlete Entrenador Atletas / Track and Field Coach)

Met Jan a few years ago in Sierra Nevada Sports Training Center.

Santiago: "He help me to introduce the proprioception training with the Aquahit. I use this training tool since that moment and I´ve really improved my motricity and motoric skills. Thanks Jan."

More about fitness for individuals with mental or physical disability

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Why is Aquahit unique?