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1. Aquahit is used in all Olympic sports, in fitness, physiotherapy,rehabilitation and for exercises of physically disabled..
2. The best athletes around the world train withAquahit.
3. Aquahit is suitable for all ages and levels.
4. Multifunctional effect of exercising with Aquahit guarantees the efficiency of exercise- saves your time.
5. Aquahit replaces a number of exercise equipment - saving you money.
6. Aquahit is always with you on the road - fitness in a bag.
7. While respecting the operating instructions is Aquahit virtually indestructible.

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Do you want to lose weight, stay in a good shape,quickly rehabilitate after surgery, improve coordination, mobility - flexibility?

Do you want to be in shape even though the age ranks you among the elderly?

If you want to improve your fitness, reduce and maintain a good weight, actively promote the neuromotor abilities - mental stability, balance, you must use the means and methods that will really help you.



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