The training A Q U A H I T implement becomes a new hit in the muscle strength training.

Let’s analyze WHY ?


1. exercises based on the physical weight of the body
2. exercises with light weight and resistance exercises
3. exercises with weights
4. machine-based exercises

We are aware of the purpose and effect of these exercises. However, each of them has a lot of negative features. Therefore, forms of alternative strengthening must be sought to complete the common training methods effectively.

Years of searching and experiments in the top pro athletes’ training brought certain results, and, in the fall 2003, AQUAHIT implement was patented.

The water content is a mobile strengthening load ranging from 1kg to 20kg.

Manipulation requires not only activation of the main muscle groups and intensive engagement of the postural muscles, but also puts demands on the coordination abilities. These extraordinary demands bring the same level of physical activation, as needed in exercising with much greater weight, when common implements are used.

Moreover, mobile grips, which allow for changing the grip width and the grip itself, multiply the exercise variations and allow functional muscle activation in complex movement patterns.

The AQUAHIT strengthening bag can be used:

1.) fully filled with water
2.) partially filled with water


- Mobile load – high muscle activation, coordination, balance

- Benefits of mobile grips – changes in effect and muscle activation of various body segments

- Exercising in all directions, at every angle, in any positiona

- Effect on all muscle groups

- Partial filling with water and firming the bag by inflating (it can be done by mouth as the air pressure is low) brought a completely new type of implement with an extraordinary training effect

- Motion of water inside the bounded space due to a change in direction of the action leads to water impact to the wall of the bag. This induces the same muscle pre-tension and following activation of a great number of muscle fibers as in a reactive (impulse) strengthening method.

- We are aware of the fact plyometric (reactive) method is the most effective form of developing explosive strength. However, the impacts inducing necessary muscle pre-tension reduce, due to health-related reasons, the range of the method application. Physical characteristics of water in impact in the bounded space eliminate this danger, and thus allow for using these exercises in a greater range. This can be also widely used in rehabilitation.

- Load that can be modified allows determining optimum exercise intensity with respect to the athlete’s performance level, muscle group involved and exercise purpose.

- Easy changeable working load also allows for using most strengthening methods for complex muscle strength, regional focus and strengthening of particular body segments.

- The implement construction and function allows strengthening based on more complex and difficult dynamic movement patterns, which can be chosen according to a given sport event. This is important in general, overall and special strengthening.

- Mobile load in the bounded space lays greater demands on coordination and balance as compared to e.g. game actions in sport games.

- The implement can be also used in stretching exercises with bigger final effect then it can be seen in common exercise forms.

- The exercise intensity is given by load and athlete’s effort. Despite the fact the intensity may reach the maximum values, the total implement weight is low, which minimizes the risk of an injury.

- When exercising the main muscle groups, also other areas are activated, even those, which stay inactive in common forms of strengthening exercises.

- All-round demands of any exercise result in complex activation of the muscular system to such an extent that compensation mechanisms are stimulated simultaneously.

- The bag can be used universally in all parts of the training unit – warming up, stretching, strengthening, coordination exercises, throwing (release) exercises, etc.

This implement replaces many other exercise tools and implements and facilitates material training support – in fact, it is an equipped weight gym packed in “a bag”.

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