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User guide for AQUAHIT's users:

1.Strengthening bag AQUAHIT is composed of by mantle that is weld together, valve and two straps that slip on the bag. The length of the straps can be modified as needed.
Material of mantle : synthetic fabric coated on both sides by hermetic and waterproof polyvinylchloride (PVC)
Straps: polyamid fabric
Valve: valve with polyvinylchlorid bayonet closure

2. Resistance of AQUAHIT bag to impact on a flat surface was tested in the range of 2kg-20kg when dropped from 2-m height.
The manufacturer and distributer are held responsible for functionality and resistance of the product within this range.

3. The valve for filling in and releasing the AQUAHIT bag is made of hard material that is not resistant to direct impact caused by a contact with a hard surface. Neither the manufacturer nor the distributor provides a mechanical impact guarantee.

4. Any contact of the AQUAHIT bag with sharp objects will result in damage that cannot be fixed.The manufacture and distributor are not responsible for such a damage.

5. Technical instructions for handling/caring AQUAHIT and functioning of the valve are specified by internationally approved symbols, which are shown in the enclosed manufacturer s leaflet.

Symbols :

Symbols for caring Aquahit

6. Storing : berofe longe- term storing, open the valve (see valve handling ), release the air and empty the water. Lay the bag flat with the valve opened. Store the bag in a dry and clean place at a room temperature. Avoid contact with sharp objects and organic solvents. The product can be washed by common washing detergents.

7. Liquidation: the product can be discharged in normal communal waste.

8. Packaging : depends on quantity

9. Valve Handling :

Opening the valve - release the cover of the valve by turning it in the anticlockwise direction. Press the orange thorn of the valve slightly. Fill the equipment with water to get the load required.
Closing the valve - press the orange thorn of the valve slightly. The spring will return the thorn to the higher level automatically. Inflate the equipment completely to make it ready for exercise.Put on the valve cover and tighten it up in the clockwise direction

10. Repair work: - small worn-out and pierced places ranging within 1 cm can be mended in the following way:
- the damaged place and the inside of the bag must be dried
- slightly roughen the surface before putting the glue
- put HD Bond glue on the site and the plaster
- wait for 10-15 min and then press the plaster strongly on the place
- the bag can be used again after 8 hours approximately
Emergency and fast repair: - dry surface can be strapped by several layers of DUCK TAPE overlapping the damaged place by 5 cm
Damage exceeding 1 cm or a damaged valve should be repaired by the manufacturer.


1.The product is not resistant to open heat/intensive sunshine/ or open fire.

2.The product's flammability is classified as C3 - slightly flammable (CSN 73 0862)

3.The product cannot be stored or used at temperatures below zero.

4.Using gloves is advisable in order to protect the knuckles and back of your hands from an injury.

5.Training load depends on the user’s strength abilities and his/her physical condition.
When exercising for the first time choose a very low working load, clearly under the level of your physical abilities, and increase the load to your optimal level later.

6.In case of an injury, changed work condition, pregnancy, etc., the user must consult the doctor on using the AQUAHIT equipment.
The user must introduce the doctor to the physical and kinesiological effect of the equipment.

7.As the load intensity is limited by the user’s effort, the load should be adjusted to individual abilities and actual condition of the user

8.The AQUAHIT bag is made of material that resist to the demand of the exercise program explained on the enclosed VHS tape and its modifications.

9.Neither the copyright owner nor the distributor can be held responsible for any damage to your health caused by not following these instructions.

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