Workout for physically and mentally disabled

Workout for physically handicapped:

The tools used for exercise of physically handicapped people need to meet a high requirements for safety, possibility to us in any environment , allowing versatile load and targeted exercises selected segments of the body.

AQUAHIT meets all requirements - non-aggressive impact of water weight on different parts of body, the movement of water distribute load flat, easy load modification (from several dkg to 24 kg), safe tool design design that can be used in any environment and varied functional impulse makes AQUAHITU ideal for disabled.

AQUAHIT ideal for physically disabled .

SANTIAGO SANZ QUINTO exercises with Aquahit


(Atleta Profesional / Athlete Entrenador Atletas / Track and Field Coach)

Met Jan a few years ago in Sierra Nevada Sports Training Center.

Santiago: "He help me to introduce the proprioception training with the Aquahit. I use this training tool since that moment and I´ve really improved my motricity and motoric skills. Thanks Jan."

Workout with Aquahit for physically disabled CZ:

Jana jsem potkal před několika lety v Sierra Nevadě ve sportovním středisku.

Santiago: "Seznámil mne s proprioceptivním tréninkem s použitím AQUAHITU . Používám toto tréninkové náčiní od té chvíle a opravdu se zlepšila moje hybnost a pohybové dovednosti. Díky Jane!"

Workout for mentally disabled:

Any manipulation of AQUAHIT represents a physical strain - the exercises are very simple.

Leading the exercise is demanding on communication between coach and the person.

Therefore, the use of AQ in physical activities for mentally disabled provides much greater effect than the commonly used methods - both in terms of re-education, rehabilitation and compensation.

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easy modification of load /weight...

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